Ways to Improve the Quality of Life for Those Living With Dementia

Memory is one of the key features that make human lives more intricate and connected. Feelings, incidences, events, and everything that our memory holds make us the person we are. It is the basis of your relationships and the driving force to continue those relationships.

There are a few neurological conditions, that cause our ability to remember things to deteriorate. Now, this could be something as simple as a concussion leading to a small- term memory loss but there are certain conditions, for example, neurodegenerative disorders, that lead to dementia, which means the loss of memory over time. These disorders can be passed on from hierarchy or many other causes and they lead to a diminution of memory of the person over time. A few conditions to name are, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

Just the thought of someone having to lose their memory sounds pretty hard, think about how hard it would be to go through it. The state of mind of a person who has lost their memory and does not remember their own life or their loved ones must be agitating. In this condition, all we can do as healthcare providers, their relatives, or their caretakers is to make them as comfortable as possible. It is already hard for the person as it is to deal with what is going on in their head, showing a little compassion and empathy would only benefit them in a situation like this.

– The idea here is to make their lives as purposeful as they can. As, their nursing care provider, you would want to engage them in activities that interest them, for example, any sort of physical activity, maybe a light stroll around the garden, would benefit them both physically and mentally.

– To encourage in them the feeling of accomplishment you might want to design an art or a music competition for them. This would also be entertaining and soothing for them. You can also boost their morale by keeping a small prize, this will make them feel better.

– The amount of rage and agitation a person with dementia goes through is unimaginable. To take their mind off stuff you should encourage them to make more conversation. A simple interaction with another caretaker or another person living under the care of the same facility might prove to relieve their mental health.

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