What Is A Good Tenant Screening & Background Check Service?

House owners and property managers use tenant screening services to decide whether a person is the right choice to rent the house or property. A tenant screening process includes a thorough background check. Their current income, rental history, credit report, and employment certificate come under the background check. Several background check companies worldwide are renowned for bringing up the prospective tenants’ previous records with complete research and precision. You won’t like any unpleasant surprise after you invite your tenants. A good tenant screening helps you know your tenant’s rental background.

The blog will focus on good tenant screening and background check services. The readers would learn about the popular background check services that determine one’s potential to be a tenant.

Why You Need A Good Tenant Screening Service?

All tenant screening services don’t treat all matters equally. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows the tenants to take charge against their prospective landlords if the screening report rejects them based on inaccurate information. Therefore, it is best to invest in trustworthy and reliable background check services. We intend to mention the best background check services for property owners.

Things to Consider in Tenant Screening Services

  • A wholesome tenant screening service helps the landlords see the transaction history and criminal records reflected during the rental application process.
  • A platform that preserves multi-state records offers a wholesome picture of the tenant’s past. It informs users whether the applicant has moved out of the state recently.
  • Individual aspects of background screening cost separately. In that case, you can determine the most vital information for you. Therefore, you can pay accordingly.

The Best Tenant Screening and Background Check Services:

  1. Avail

Avail helps the landlords with the tenant screening reports and the entire rental management process if required. The service decreases the workload and makes sure you find sincere tenants with good records. Avail provides the tenant rental history and employment history free of cost. The platform is secure and preserves sensitive data maintaining high safety measures.

  1. Rental

The tenant screening report of MyRental assesses the applicant’s history and data. The platform scores the applicant based on background checks. It shows the landlords through comparisons as to who has enough potential to become the tenant.

The landlord submits the information and pays the charge for the basic package, whereas, the premium package demands the submission by the applicant.

  1. Appartments.com

Apartments.com keeps the tenant screening process transparent and easy-going. The background check is detailed and, the platform shares the report with the applicants and landlords.

Apartments.com does not share the screening reports with the landlords who have commercial properties.

  1. RentPrep

RentPrep is one of the robust tenant screening service tools with a basic report package. The basic package is affordable, whereas the complete credit reports cost high. The rental background check includes identity and employment verification, criminal offense, financial status, etc.

Final Takeaways

Besides, many other tools are prevalent to run a global background check to help the landlords and property owners.

You can leverage any of these services based on your current demand to bring out the most crucial data.