Top 5 Things You Must Know Before You Buy Heat Transfer Paper

Are you planning to open up a new trending business of customized T-shirts? You must have been aware of the use of heat transfer paper. If not, this article is for you. Nowadays, people love getting personalized products as they often look for individuality or uniqueness in what they wear or use. 

Entering the world of personalized T-shirts requires a great understanding of garment decoration methods. Heat Transfer paper is no doubt the best decorative option. It always depends on your need and criteria that will determine your choice of using various cosmetic methods. 

So how does heat transfer paperwork? It is often said to be a specialty paper used to transfer the personalized design to T-shirts with heat. So the process is to get the design on a sheet of heat transfer paper. It is done with the help of an inkjet or a laser printer. Further, if you place the sheet with the design on your T-shirt and using a heat press will transfer the design from the sheet to your T-shirt. It sounds effortless and straightforward, and indeed it is! 

However, as easy as it sounds, you need to consider some factors before buying heat transfer paper, or else you will be at a loss. 

Heat transfer paper is the most effective option for making personalized T-shirts, is an extremely straightforward method. This article will let you know more about what to do before purchasing your first pack of Heat Transfer Paper. 

Let’s check out five essential factors you need to consider before buying heat transfer paper.

Check If You Have An Inkjet or Laser Printer: 

Remember, heat transfer papers are not cross-compatible. So, they are designed to work only with inkjet or laser printers. Based on that, you need to decide if you have an inkjet printer( for that, you need inkjet papers) or a laser printer( you need laser papers). You can quickly check if your printer at your home or workplace is an inkjet or laser printer. You can take the help of Google quick check, or even the printer’s label often gives you information. Also, you can even open your printer and check if it has ink or toner cartridges. It is necessary to prevent this and when you buy heat transfer papers.

A Clear Concept On The Colour You Will Print: 

It is required to know that previously the base color of the garment you will be using. This is one of the most important determinant factors as you need a different transfer paper for light or white colored garments. So, for dark color garments printing, you should purchase different heat transfer paper.

Transfer paper for a dark color T-shirt is prepared with a white backing and a coating just below the prints, allowing for accurate prints.

Type Of Artwork You Are Printing:

There are generally two types of designs prints, pictures with a high level of detailing, or artworks that mostly resemble vector style graphics. If you are looking to print a high level of detailed design in your T-shirt, you will be restricted to a limited heat transfer paper. On the other hand, vector-style graphics designs are very popular and can be easily done. It is recommended that you should use inkjet transfer paper for lights if you are printing pictures with significant details.

Fabrics On Which You Can Use Heat Transfer Paper:

You have the freedom to use heat transfer paper for decorating light or dark printed cotton colors. However, you must keep in mind to use specific heat transfer paper based on the color of the garment. You can make use of cotton polyester or even cotton-poly blends. Heat transfer paper owns the race against sublimation regarding types of fabrics used for printing. 

Durability Of The Paper: 

This is a must factor to consider. Though comparing the sublimation process is noticed to be less durable than the heat transfer paper method. You are sure to get a softer and more long-lasting experience with heat transfer paper. Again, you need to cross-check while purchasing heat transfer papers and get the best ones for your work.


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