Interesting Things To Know About Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry – The History

The custom of wearing Handmade Jewelry was initiated during the age of the Neanderthals when humans started creating accessories from stones, seashells, animal teeth, and other natural resources. Around 4000 BC, the Egyptians started producing jewelry using precious and semiprecious metals like Gold, Copper, and semiprecious gems which signified power as they were created to adorn the Pharaohs and the royal families. Production of Handmade Earrings, Neckpieces, Handmade Silver Bracelets, Gold Bracelets, etc. began during this era. Later, artisans from other countries such as Greece, India, the Netherlands, and Italy started creating handcrafted jewelry. So, it can be easily understood how handmade jewelry has been a part of different cultures from early civilizations.

Evolution of Handmade Jewelry

As time changed, handmade Jewelry design has evolved gradually following the contemporary social, political, cultural, and artistic atmospheres of different periods. It is very interesting to notice how the materials used for this jewelry and the usage of the existing materials changed in different centuries. The style and articles of handmade Jewelry also differ depending on the geographical differences and the availability of the resources.

This type of adornment made its first appearance in the modern age fashion during the onset of the 20th century and gained much popularity ever since. Handmade jewelry has been ruling fashion trends and complimenting reputed couture across the globe for the last few decades.

Handmade Jewelry – Interesting Facts

Handmade Jewelry AKA Hand-assembled Jewelry is made with the guidance of a human hand involving different pieces of machinery. The most interesting thing about Handmade Jewelry is that each of these pieces is unique in its way and has a distinct style of art and significance. The style of a single handmade ornament depends on its artisan’s taste, creative thoughts, expertise, and intuition. So, this jewelry along with their distinctiveness carry the soulful touch that connects a human to another. This makes handmade jewelry worthy of a collection.

Another interesting thing about handmade jewelry is that these pieces of jewelry are the perfect example of the beauty of imperfection. The uneven cuts and roughness of material give them the raw and real look of authenticity. Also, this jewelry can reflect combinations of different artistries if and when desired.

It takes a prolonged time to create one single handmade ornament. Thus the design of the same gets influenced by the maker’s moods and the circumstances they go through at the time of the creation leaving an interesting tale behind each of them. This wraps the jewelry with some unheard memories and mystery that turns it into a timeless masterpiece.

Since this jewelry is handmade, they are free from machine monotony and carries the grace and superiority of expert artistry. Handmade jewelry is made of the finest materials and rarest of gems and stones as they are produced in very small quantities.

Summing up

Handmade jewelry is not made just to compliment an outfit or complete a particular look. They are made to carry forward the legacy of arts and crafts and are collected to be preserved like any other valued artifact.