How Will Speech Technologies Evolve in the Future?

The place we hold today in terms of technology is the farthest we have ever come and is also a path that only leads forwards and upwards. Right from our morning alarm to our sleeping at night with our favorite audiobook playing in the background, we are engulfed by technology. Science and technology control every aspect of our lives today and have become an integral part of us. No one can imagine going a single day without their mobile phones. We have reached places on earth and beyond that our ancestors did not even know existed and the credit goes entirely to developments in science and technology.

The way our minds function and our entire genome, all have been decoded with the help of technology we have built ourselves. The introduction of artificial intelligence has been a huge milestone in this journey. Think of the benefits it carries along and the list is endless. The advent of artificial intelligence has brought a few mind-blowing technologies that have been put into action recently, which is speech technology. Here are a few things to know about speech technology and its future:

– Speech is the way humans communicate. It could be through various languages and as scientists, one always admires the human body, it is functioning, and its technicalities. There is also a way of communication through the computers we use, and various languages.

– The latest technology includes using the human voice to give various instructions without even typing a thing or touching a screen. This comes under the umbrella of speech technology.

– This speech-to-text technology has become very useful. The text can also be converted to any language you want, for example, give an instruction to the device to change speech to Arabic and you will have your text or search in the language you want it to be.

– It is anticipated that most searches we make on different search engines are given verbally. Which makes speech technology a very rapidly growing area in science.

– How can we forget those translation applications that almost everyone has on their mobile phones these days?

– These applications translate verbal or written words from one language to another in a matter of seconds. You have the option to choose from numerous languages available on the application.

– So, next time you plan on visiting a country whose language you are unfamiliar with just get one of these translation tools on your mobile phone and enjoy your trip.

– Some applications available online also provide voice-assisted learning of new languages. They listen to your pronunciation and even correct it when necessary.

– Speech technology has also proven significant in the field of medicine, by helping those with any disabilities. There are devices known to convert brain signals into voice, which seems to be a huge breakthrough in medical science and technology.

Speech technology has evolved a lot and is still an evolving branch of science. We should wait and watch what all wonders it is to perform soon. The future of speech technology and the ever-increasing advances in science is huge and beyond what we can think now.