How to Choose an Excellent Wedding Reception Venue in SLC

A wedding day is an important day of anyone’s life; people feel many emotions simultaneously. From cold feet to happy tears, the bride and groom remember the beautiful journey that leads them to this day. The bride is walking down the aisle, the couple reciting their vows, all in all, it’s a magical feeling that the couple feels on their wedding day. Wedding venues are an essential part of the wedding, and to have a perfect marriage, you have to choose an ideal wedding venue as well. If you hold your wedding ceremony or reception in SLCyou should know a few things. 

Budget: The first thing you have to be careful about while choosing a reception venue is that fees align with your budget; discuss your budget with your partner and family thoroughly and stick to it; as you don’t want to overspend and start your marriage life with a dent in your financial situation. You should spend around 20% of your budget on the venue as there are also other things for you to pay for.

Location: After deciding the budget, you have to think about where to hold your wedding ceremony and reception. For example, most of your family stay in Utah to keep your wedding reception in Draper or hold your marriage reception in Salt Lake City. Location is crucial as you like this day to be memorable and want to have it in a place where most of your family and friends can attend. 

Date: Before fixating on any wedding reception venue, check with them whether the venue is available on your wedding day or not. Utah is a beautiful city, and you will find that many locations are pre-booked, as many wedding receptions in Draper are happening every weekend during wedding seasons. So before you set your heart on a particular venue, ask them about their availability. 

Capacity: Before searching for a wedding venue, draft the number of guests that will be attending your marriage reception in Draper, as every venue can host a limited number of people; if your number of guests goes over the capacity of the wedding, then that will become an issue in the future. So, always make a guest list before choosing the venue.

Parking: Public transportation is not that great in Utah, so most people drive their vehicles. That is why parking is an important issue; before putting down any payment, don’t forget to take a look if the parking is good enough or not.

Facilities: See if the venue offers air conditioning, catering services, or an open bar. These are small things but are pretty important. If the wedding venue does not have any kitchen, you have to hire vendors and catering services from somewhere else.

Cancellation Policy: Although we plan a lot and talk about almost everything before marriage, sometimes, we end up canceling our wedding for many different reasons. We hope such a situation does not occur to you, but if it happens, at least you can get some of your hard-earned money back if the venue has a refund policy. But a lot of outlets do not offer any refund on cancellation.

These are a few things that you should think about before choosing any wedding venue, as all of these points are pretty crucial to make your wedding day perfect.