How Much Does It Cost to Clean A New Home Construction?

If you are near completion of a home construction project, you must conduct a home cleaning session to make it move-in ready. Once the contractors and workers leave the site, you will find a lot of dirt and dust inside and outside your house. Usually, the contractors take care of the cleaning process during the construction, and in some cases, they take the entire responsibility for the post-clean-up. Many house owners hire professional cleaners to run a post-construction Home Cleaning in Greater San Antonio. The clean-up process for a new home construction might vary depending on the project.

Let us discuss the costs for new home construction sites. The blog will guide us to know more about affordable home cleaning in San Antonio.

Costs It Takes Cleaning the Construction Site by Type

Cleaning a construction site comprises three types of cleaning steps. Every clean-up type is dependent on the nature of construction and, it can happen at various times during the process.

A Rough Interior Cleaning Cost

Rough interior cleaning process costs in approx. $.10 to $.15/ Square feet. The contractors arrange rough cleaning during the construction before adding the final touch. The process includes dusting, vacuuming, washing doors and windows, and removing dart.

Interior Cleaning Cost

The interior cleaning begins at $.15 to $.50 per square foot. Interior cleaning refers to cleaning walls, floors, doors, and windows and removing the dirt and dust from frames and tracks.

Exterior Cleaning Cost

Junk removal happens at this stage. The process can cost ranging from $100 to $800. The homeowners can appoint residential House cleaning in Greater San Antonio to clear away the construction waste and wash windows, doors, and driveways.

The Cost to Clean a Construction Site

The post-construction clean-up process costs depend on per square foot or hour. The services costs range from $.10 to $.50 per square or $30 to 450 per hour. You must be ready to pay more if you want to avail other services like window and door cleaning.

The general contractors complete the job along with the ongoing construction process. If not, you need to hire professionals after the construction.

Recurring Cleaning in San Antonio

Several home cleaning services need repetition after a specific interval. For the recurrent cleaning sessions in San Antonio, you can contact affordable home cleaning services in San Antonio. The section will present the costs for every clean-up step on a per square foot basis.

  • Rough Interior Cleaning Cost: $.10 to $.15
  • Floor Waxing Cost: $1 – $1.50
  • Carpet Cleaning Cost: $120 – $250
  • Final Cleaning Cost: $.15 – $.50
  • Touch-ups Cost: $.06 – $.12
  • HVAC cleaning Cost: $250 – $500
  • Window Cleaning Cost: $4 – $11/Window

Homeowners can leverage residential move-out cleaning services while moving out from the state or country like we mentioned the move-in services. The clean-up service companies in San Antonio are neat in their approach at cost-effective prices.

If you are in San Antonio and need experienced professionals for home cleaning in Greater San Antonio, you must contact the reputed companies to enjoy quality services.