Five Pieces to Invest in this Season

As spring comes, it’s the perfect opportunity to ditch our bulky coats and thick sweaters in favor of a few key items to commemorate the season. We can get our wardrobes up to date and channel the key trends of this season by buying a few on-trend pieces. We may wear bright paint blocks or stripes, or even go classic with polka dots, as seen in the 1950s. Pink and pastel shades were prominently displayed on the catwalks in long pleated skirts, statement shoes, and smart suits, leaving pastel and pink fans happy.

Spring has come, and it’s time to start getting together our spring essentials list. That’s the wonderful thing about fashion: not everyone makes a comeback, but most things do. Shapes, textures, and trends come and go. To upgrade your current closet, pick a few items that encapsulate the big trends.


Lilac, periwinkle, light green, and baby yellow should all be on the spring 2018 paint radar. Pastel shades have a feminine and delicate quality that makes them a timeless look that never goes out of style. Play around with your pastels and see what you can come up with. Even though pastel colors are more subdued in tone, you can still make a statement this spring with this fashion style.

Polka Dots

If polka dots conjure up memories of Minnie Mouse or the party dresses you wear as a child, it’s time to revisit the unexpectedly flexible print. Spring 2018 is carrying with it a slew of new ways to integrate the polka dot pattern. Polka dots are very feminine and basic, but they also have a whimsical and fun look about them. 

Color blocking

Color blocking is also thought of as a fashion statement that should be taken seriously. When performed right, though, you will become less “clown-like” and more fashionable and chic.

To accomplish this style, you need to think about fresh and imaginative ways to mix colors from opposite sides of the color wheel. Instead of clashing on the garment, the colors can also be complementary to one another. Bold statement colors, as well as neutrals, can be used to create this style. Try this look for caps, bottoms, skirts, and accessories this season.


Suppose it’s vertical, horizontal, or descriptive. You can’t go incorrect with stripes this season, no matter how you wear them! Stripes are no longer strictly synonymous with the nautical theme. This season, have some fun with your stripes. Mix the position of the stripes when incorporating flashes of red. Don’t be afraid to wear this look with everything from tops and bottoms to skirts and handbags.  

Cold Shoulder Tops

The cold shoulder theme is just as literal as you can be when it comes to explaining a top. This pattern reveals your shoulders while shielding your sides, giving your outfit a flirty look. This is the theme for those women who are self-conscious about their arms, my mates! This look helps you show off your lovely shoulders while staying humble and concealing everything you may want to hide.

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