Does Rose Quartz Really Have Healing Properties?

In modern days when our lives are laden with several problems, the solution, whether you believe it or not, comes from spirituality. Sometimes with some practices, meditation and sometimes with stones that connect with planets out there. Now in the same context, rose quartz is relevant.

It’s one of the purest forms of crystal used for many centuries. Women wear it as ornaments, but it is being used as a healing stone in recent times. A clear quartz healing stone is believed to be can solve problems related to love. Its bright pink and soothing texture can make you feel better, loved and cherished.

Its icy rock-solid form is used for meditation practices, and just by holding it, people feel calm and content. Generally used for emotional wellbeing, rose quartzes are called master healer crystals. But does clear quartz energy have the healing property as claimed?

Scientific evidence: Interestingly, no concrete scientific evidence is related to this. An older study done in 1999 proved that the healing may be because of the placebo effect. In the study, 80 volunteers were chosen and given pamphlets explaining the rose crystals healing stone While some of them were given genuine stones, the rest were fake. But everybody felt the same sensations as the original. This is because of the placebo effect or, in simpler words, because of our mental conditioning.

rose crystals healing

It doesn’t matter to most gemstone lovers whether the master healer crystals have healing qualities. As the stone itself is beautiful, women love them as crystals gifts. They wore them clinging to their hearts. Some also use it for skin treatment. Some of the well-branded beauty parlours worldwide sell to their customers in the night skin routine. Placing them below the pillow, as they say, increased their love life.

How to use it?

Meditation: Many yoga teachers and meditation practitioners tell you to keep the stone near your place when meditating. Any destructive emotions or goods channelize them through the stone and send love through it in the world. A little bit of visualization as you hold the stone as a pink symbol of love and let its crystal healingproperties work.

Gratitude: Gratitude, as we know, is the single most effective form of prayer. Use the stone to chant mantras, visualize your desire and send gratitude to the world. Jot down what you feel good about. You need to believe in the abilities of the master healer crystal. Without belief, as they say, nothing can be achieved.

Self-care routine: Neither you have time neither you need to visit a spa to reap the benefits of the court crystals. There are many products where rose crystals are being incorporated. Apart from that, you can buy rose crystal quartz to soothe your skin.

Decoration: The crystals are beautiful and can also be used beside the bed lamps or in the bathroom to use the emanating energy. It can bring peace and harmony to your life through its master healing crystal 

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The real deal of the rose crystals is getting them in the purest form. Once you start using it for your spiritual health and personal improvement, a strong sense of belonging will be bestowed upon by the universe.